Italian Concrete Finishing Solutions

Italian Concrete Finishing Solutions

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Beton Tool Company Srl (BTC) is an Italian Company and a pioneer in manufacturing of various Concrete Finishing Equipments and Tools. For over three decades we have been serving clients across the world and today, the brand BTC is well renowned for its consistent quality and reliability. We are, in fact, one of the leading partners in the world for Construction tools.

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Our Products

Walk-Behind Power Trowels

Available in Edger Series, Electrical Series and Standard series.

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Ride-On Power Trowels

Semi-Hydraulic and Manual options available with the choice of various Petrol and Diesel Engines.

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Trowel Blades

Made with high Carbon hardened and tempered steel.

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Float Pans

Precise Dish for Super flat flooring and easy movement.

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Beton Euro-Screed

Fast efficient and economical way for accurate screed concrete.

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Beton Wide Bay Truss Screed

Sturdy Design can be extended upto 40 ft.

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Euro-Vibro (Vibrator)

A very light weight easy to use portable unit.

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Material Spreaders

Available in 2 and 3 Wheels options with 100 kgs topping capacity.

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Scarifying Machines

Ideal Machine for concrete asphalt surface.

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Concrete Joint Sealing

Easy maneuverability that allows faster and economical way of concrete joint sealing.

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Tools For Flat Works

Various choice of Concrete floor Tools made with high quality European Raw material.

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Beton Steel Joints

Manufactured with High quality cold drawn Steel for free movement area.

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